Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild

of Western North Carolina


Baby Quilts

Baby Quilts is a community outreach program in which our members make baby quilts for both Macon and Jackson County hospitals, as well as both counties Head Start programs and Kid’s Place in Macon County.  Last year we donated over 350 quilts to these places.  Head Start receives matching government funding to equal the value of the quilts donated by the guild.  Quilt kits are available at guild meetings or guild members are welcome to make up their own donations.  Generally the quilts we make are from 24 x 36 up to 42 x 42.  However, larger quilts are accepted and given to Kid’s Place for older children, or to Angel Medical Center’s Hospice when it is in need of one for a child.  Here are a few suggestions:  BabyQuiltExamples1  BabyQuiltExamples2

Click the following link for Back to Front Binding Instructions: Back to Front Binding Method

Comfort Quilts

The colors for the Comfort Block STARS are to be pastels, earth tones, jewel tones and batik.  BACKGROUND should be NEUTRAL to facilitate blending.  Click the following link to download the pattern for the Guild Comfort Block: comfortblock

Kids Draw String Bags

These bags are used as kid projects to complete at community events.  Download directions here: Draw String Bags

Opportunity Quilt

The proceeds from the 2013 Opportunity Quilt were used to purchase items for Macon County Sews. This program is part of the Macon County Cooperative Extension. We raised enough funds to purchase eight sewing machines and related sewing items such as irons, ironing boards, rulers, cutting mats, rotary cutters. The young ladies who participate in this program are very excited to learn how to use the machines and have already taken field trips to our local quilt shops for demonstrations and education.

Storybook Quilts

The Storybook Quilts committee furthers the education of school age children by teaching about the history of quilting in the United States. The purpose of the committee is to inspire the appreciation of quilting in children by sharing the unique quilting heritage of America. Children’s books related to quilting are purchased. Guild members then create a quilt that will help tell the story and those quilts are then paired with the book. A large group of books and quilts are at South Macon Elementary and Patti Huettig will arrange to share them with children throughout Macon County. A second group of quilts is located with Macon County the Fontana Library system and can be checked out through any of the regional libraries.

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor Mission: To cover all service members and veterans touched by war with wartime quilts called Quilts of Valor (QOV’s). The foundation is not about politics, it is about people. Donations can be made to: Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild – QOV. P.O.Box 1381, Franklin N.C. 28744. Visit the official website at