Welcome to The Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild

The purpose of the Guild shall be to stimulate an intelligent interest in the art of quilting in the community, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, instruction and the presentation of pertinent information among the members of the Guild. - Bylaws, Article II, Paragraph C


President - Wayne Wingett
Vice President - Christine Jason
Education Director - Susan Roper
Secretary - Pat Buckner
Treasurer - Jean McDougall

Commitee Chairmen:

Finance - Jean McDougall
Community Events Coordinator - Jackson County: Charlotte Alexander
Education - Susan Roper
Newsletter Editor - Sue Ann Munnell
Membership - Kim Lippy
Comfort Quilts - Debbie Chastain, Linda Harrison
Hand Quilting - Rosalie Nieznalski
Baby Quilts - Mary Krishnamurty
Librarian - Suzanne Wingett
Cookbooks - Evelyn Healy
Sunshine - Chris Eichner
Hospitality - AM: Noreen Gay. PM: Susan Roper
Opportunity Quilt - Linda Tyler
Uncommon Threads - Marilyn Seibring, Mary Krishnamurty
Quilts of Valor - Carlie Nichols
Storybook Quilts - Patti Huettig