Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild

of Western North Carolina


The Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild, Inc. is a non-profit corporation operated for the benefit of our members and the community. The Guild is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and we operate under Articles of incorporation filed with the State of North Carolina and By-Laws adopted by the membership and updated regularly.

Guild By-Laws    The purpose of the Guild shall be to stimulate an intelligent interest in the art of quilting in the community, and to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, instruction and the presentation of pertinent information among the members of the Guild. – By-Laws, Article II.

The Guild is governed by Officers elected by the membership, and operated by the Executive Committee, which includes the Board and Committee Chairs appointed by the President. 2018 Policies and Procedures   Appendix 2: Master Committee List

Co-Presidents – Wayne and Suzanne Wingett
Co-Vice Presidents – Pam McBride and Ginny Fagan
Education Director – Susan Roper
Secretary – Celeste Jacobson
Treasurer – Jeannie McDougall

Committee Chairs

Baby Quilts – Suzanne Wingett
Comfort Quilts – Debbie Chastain and Linda Harrison
Community Events  – Linda Kocur and Celeste Jacobson
Education – Susan Roper
Finance – Jeannie McDougall
Fundraising – Renee Ramsay
Hospitality – Mary Ann Bastura and Shirley Barr
Librarian – Mary Ann Budahl
Membership – Pat Buckner
Publicity – Jamie Plant
Quilt Show – Renee Ramsay, Jane Newsome, and Amanda Ramaswami
Quilts of Valor – Carlie Nichols
Sunshine – Wayne Wingett
Website – Norma Christopher