Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild

of Western North Carolina

Quilt Celebration Shoppe Guidelines

We would like to sell items in the Shoppe that would appeal to non-quilters as well as those who quilt. Items may be donated to the guild or sold on consignment. The guild will keep 20% of the sale price.

* New or nearly new gift or decorative items that reflect our guild members’ talents, skills, and creativity will be offered in the Shoppe. Items should be quilt or sewing or fiber related. *

We Do Want for example: wall-hangings, potholders, tea mats, baskets, Christmas ornaments, quilt kits. You get the idea, things made from fiber by your hands. We will also take books in like-new condition which have been recently published.

We do not want, for example:  old magazines, loose fabric scraps, partial spools of thread, or similar used items. Please sell these at our table sale in September or at the back table at a guild meeting. 

If you are unsure if your items will be sold, please check with Nancilee before you spend a lot of time making them.

Thanks in advance from your celebration committee.