Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild

of Western North Carolina

2024 Cowee Valley Quilt and Fiber Celebration

Infinite Variety

What is red and white and beautiful all over? Why, red and white quilts, of course!

In March of 2011 the beloved red and white quilts of Joanna Rose were put on display at the Park Avenue Armory. 651 unique red and white quilts spanning three hundred years were put on stunning display by her husband to celebrate her 80th birthday. You can read all about it here.

The idea of an infinite number of red and white patterns and layouts inspired four guild members to volunteer to direct the 2024 Quilt Celebration. Guild members are excitedly planning and readying their entries for the June exhibition.

Cindy Williams

Cathy Bischof

Nancilee Dills

Chris Stephenson

Red & White quilt specifications and requirements

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